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Screening helpdesk

Screening helpdesk


Use the form below to contact the UK National Screening Committee and NHS Screening Programmes in England.

  • Accessing screening results – the helpdesk and national programmes do not have access to or provide screening results. If you are a parent and have a query about your baby's results please contact your health visitor. If you are a health professional please contact the screening laboratory or the local child health records department
  • Confidentiality - please do not send or provide any sensitive, confidential or patient identifiable information to the helpdesk
  • Contact details - the helpdesk cannot provide contact details of individual members of staff
  • Scope - the helpdesk can only answer queries relating to screening in England
We have lots of hints and tips on our e-learning help page. Please check this page before contacting the helpdesk with any queries about registering or accessing e-learning.
If you want to order screening leaflets, please contact Harlow Printing rather than the helpdesk.


We are currently having difficulties with our online form. Until it’s fixed, please contact the helpdesk using their email address -

Please include as much detail as possible, including your contact number, region, organisation name and role.