The annual call for new topics in now open
We welcome you to propose a new health condition for a screening programme that is not already considered by the UK NSC.
Please download the form and read the guidance at the end of this link to make a proposal.
The deadline for submissions is 16th December 2018. For more information please see this blog.
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Recommendations help


1. Introduction

The UK National Screening Committee's list of recommendations provides details of all the conditions that get regularly reviewed.

Each recommendation is reviewed on a regular basis (usually every 3 years, or earlier if significant new evidence emerges), according to the UK NSC's evidence review process.

The list shows recommendations currently being reviewed as well as those awaiting their next review. If a policy is in review then the documents associated with the review can be downloaded and viewed.


2. The recommendations list

This allows you to scroll through all our recommendations.


The policies that meet the current search criteria will be shown.

By default, all the UK NSC's policy will be displayed. Use the vertical scroll bar to move up or down the list.

The information shown for each policy is as follows:

  1. Condition (click on a name to view more details)
  2. Type (antenatal, newborn, child or adult)
  3. Last review completed - the month and year the last review was finished
  4. Next review in - the financial year in which the next review is due to be completed
  5. Recommendation

A star  to the left of a policy name shows it is currently being reviewed.

Click on one of the column headings to sort the list by that particular field (click on the heading for a second time to reverse the sort order). The current sort order is shown by a small arrow next to the column heading.

There are 5 possible recommendations:

  • Systematic population screening programme recommended
  • Systematic population screening programme not recommended
  • Systematic population screening programme not recommended, clinical practice guidelines covered by NICE (this is only applicable to antenatal recommendations; it means that although the UK NSC does not recommend a nationally-managed screening programme, testing does take place as part of routine care)
  • Systematic population screening programme not recommended, risk management guidance covered by UK NSC (this is relevant to several adult recommendations where, although screening is not recommended, the UK NSC does recommend a risk management programme)
  • A pilot of screening has been recommended

3. Finding a recommendation

There are a number of filter and search options you can use to find the recommendations you're interested in. These are shown below:



To display only a particular recommendation type (antenatal, newborn, child or adult) click on the appropriate button under the type heading.

To display only conditions which are currently being reviewed by the UK NSC (shown by a star  to the left of the policy name) or only recommendations which are currently being consulted on as part of the review process then select the appropriate button under the status heading.

To display only conditions with a particular UK NSC recommendation, select the appropriate option under the recommendation heading.


To search for a particular condition, type its name into the search box and press go. After you have typed at least 3 letters, a menu will be displayed showing all the policies containing those letters. If you wish, select the one you want and press go to display it.

If you just type in part of a condition name, all policies containing those letters (anywhere in the name) will be displayed. For example, typing 'can' and pressing go would display all the cancer policies.

Note that the general website search, using the search box at the top right of the page, can be used to search for words used within a policy statement.

Removing filter/search options

When you have applied a filter or search, the current search criteria will be displayed above the policy list box. The number of conditions you are viewing (out of the total in the database) will be displayed under the box.

To remove these options and return to viewing all policies, click on the view all link under the recommendations list box.